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Roberto Stabile

Roberto Stabile

Head of Special Projects, Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual-Ministry of Culture

After graduating in Political Science and International Affairs he has dedicated the past 30 years to developing and strengthening relationships with international cinema and tv institutions.   

From 1996 to 2023 he has been Head of the International Department in ANICA (Italian Film Audiovisual and Digital Industries Association). 

For the Italian Trade Agency, he has set up a network of information desks on the Italian film industry funding and location services in the major World Markets. 

He is also the Coordinator of the China Project by the DGCA-MiC, with the aim of promoting the dialogue, the cooperation, and increasing business and institutional activities, between Chinese and Italian film industries.  

Since March 2022, he has also become Head of Special Projects of the DGCA-MiC at Cinecittà in order to enhance international cooperation, activities and further develop relationships and business among Italian and foreign film professionals.