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There are countless awards that honour outstanding films and TV shows themselves, but GPAs put the spotlight on the incredible production and location work required to get these great films and shows to the screen. They will celebrate the heroes of the production set, locations and studios – who bring the ideas and drama from the script and storyboard onto the screen.

We’ll be looking for the best locations around the world, the stand-out studios, outstanding creative crews, ideas, and executions and what the very best film locations and commissions bring to production teams.

Crucially at the core of these awards are great initiatives, projects and work that are setting the highest standards in sustainability, diversity and ensuring local economies benefit from the productions taking place in their markets.




Its’s an opportunity to recognise and celebrate outstanding work, services, and people.

The awards will showcase the talent and offering of teams and services and benchmark the very best work in the business. They will highlight the exceptional standards and successes that are being set and achieved by productions and services around the world.

Winners will be recognised as world-leaders in their field and help set new industry standards and benchmarks.


The awards will be judged by leading industry experts from around the world.

The judges are split into groups, and each allocated a category.  Each judging panel is chaired by a member of the Screen International editorial team and after debating the merits of each contender, a secret ballot takes place to determine the winner.

The shortlist will be announced online and social media channels.


The industry’s leading production talents will gather at the Cannes International Film Festival to celebrate the best productions.

The event will be attended by leading producers, location managers, UPMs, studios, film commissions, locations executives, industry bodies and everyone who plays a key role in making sure productions happen.


20 May 2024
Mademoiselle Gray Plage Barrière, Cannes, France

The event will celebrate the best work being done in film and TV production around the world and the people delivering that work. It will be an invaluable learning and networking experience for all who attend.